[ USUK/UKUS Doujinshi list! ]



I made a list with 180+ USUK/UKUS doujins to read online on Tumblr. It took me a few hours to gather all these links (I had to search on a few blogs and through my archive).


I’ll update that list every week (if possible)! Enjoy~! 


It’s been 11 months since I’ve created the list ^^ I’d like to thank everyone for all the help and nice messages. ouo

Today (20/10/12) there’s a major update: all the broken links are fixed! I’ve also created separate pages for English, Japanese and Chinese doujins. Oh, and there’s a short guide on how and where to buy USUK/UKUS books. =)

TOTAL: 426+ USUK/UKUS doujin/comics! 

[ Don’t forget to check the USUK/UKUS games list too! =D ]

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